The Arts in Healing: Learning Opportunities Near and Far


The Arts in Healing: Learning Opportunities Near and Far

The drought in Texas isn’t just about a lack of water; it’s also about the lack of opportunities to learn about the arts in healing.  Despite offering title protection for art therapists through the Licensed Professional Counselor Act (Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 503), Texas still doesn’t have a graduate program in art therapy.  This translates into a real dry spell when it comes to post-graduate venues for information about the arts as an agent of change.  So whether you’re an art therapist in search of relevant continuing education or a non-art therapist in search of new frontiers, if you’re in Texas you learn to make do and get by.  ABCs for Therapists now serves the Austin area to offer relief from this dry spell at the local level, but how can someone find out what else is available in farther-flung, potential vacation destinations?

Good thing the American Art Therapy Association has a calendar of events that’s comprised of submissions from members and affiliate chapters.  If you’re planning ahead for time away in 2012, how about “Somatic Dialog with Balls, Bamboo Sticks and Our Own Voices” in Costa Rica, “Integrative Medicine and Health 2012” in Portland, OR, or the American Art Therapy Association’s 43rd annual conference in Savannah?  While neither the American Art Therapy Association nor I can endorse most of the opportunities posted on the calendar of events (well, actually AATA can vouch for its own conference and I can vouch for the workshops I offer through ABCs for Therapists!), it might be a good starting point for increasing your awareness of what’s out there.  Bookmark it and check back often to see what new and enticing things have been added.  And if you’d rather “buy local”, ABCs for Therapists is on the scene to illuminate the art of therapy right here in your own backyard.  Now if only it would rain in your own backyard as well…

With appreciation for the important work you do,

Megan September 2011

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