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1920-background-free-image-art-featherston-awesome-stunning-super-astonishing“A Compassionate Discourse on Non-Art Therapists Doing Art Therapy” was the title of renowned art therapist Judy Rubin’s presentation at the 1992 conference of the American Art Therapy Association. She offered these words of wisdom to her peers in art therapy:


We do not own the art therapy, the healing, or the helping.  There will never be enough art therapists to go around.  Part of our job, if we truly believe in it, is to educate others on how to use it safely.


It is in this spirit that ABCs for Therapists offers consulting services to therapists and the agencies that employ them.

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Public Domain Abstract Art  was posted to The Public Domain website by Mitch Featherston in 2012. Click here for the image source.