Clinical Supervision


1920x1200-abstract-gs4531As the world of mental health develops a greater understanding of the brain’s operations and the importance of subcortical (nonconscious, nonverbal) contributions in the therapeutic encounter, more and more clinicians are recognizing that they can benefit from processing career and case issues via experiential means.


We affect those we work with, and we are affected by them as well. Supervision that includes an experiential focus can illuminate these invisible dynamics in order to nurture the knowledge base and skill set necessary for competent practice.  Experiential supervision can also refortify clinicians in the face of compassion fatigue.


Drawing upon the breadth and depth that can be achieved through the experiential processing of career and case issues, I have offered art-based clinical supervision for the Austin therapist community since 2011 and for LPC Interns since 2012.

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