If You’re on Facebook, You Might “Like” This!


If You’re on Facebook, You Might “Like” This!

Okay, here’s the hypocrisy alert: I’m not on Facebook.  I have my reasons.  But for those of you Facebookers who are interested in art therapy/the use of art in therapy, tracking the arrival of the 2014 American Art Therapy Association conference in San Antonio will be a snap if you connect with AATA on its Facebook page.  Though the conference is 12 months away, that gives you plenty of opportunities to keep up with real-time developments in the art therapy community and stay abreast of preparations for a large-scale education and entertainment event you won’t want to miss!


The 2013 conference in Seattle just ended, and AATA’s Facebook page promises more photos soon.  In the meantime, comments about the event seem to be happy and bright.  Of course I’m on the outside looking in, since I’m not on Facebook and I didn’t make it to Seattle, but as a veteran of other AATA conferences I can soundly say that you won’t be disappointed with the big shindig in San Antonio; I’m pretty sure you’ll “like” it!  I look forward to seeing you there.


With appreciation for the important work you do,

Megan July 2013

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