Get Razzed About Razoo!


Get Razzed About Razoo!

If you’re hoping to raise funds for an art-related or therapy-related (or any) cause, you might want to check out Razoo, a social site that promotes connectedness and generosity.  You can use Razoo’s tools to set up fundraisers as an individual, team, or nonprofit and then watch the contributions come rolling in.  Razoo links up with your Facebook account and your website to simplify the process, and there’s even an iPhone app and other mobile device features available to help you manage your campaign and interact with people who support what you’re doing.


Yes, Razoo gets 2.9% of every transaction, but there are no set-up or maintenance fees; your fundraiser can be launched and remain active for any length of time without incurring costs related to this.  Think of Razoo as an opportunity to expand your reach beyond the confines of your usual daily grind.  Making the world a better place one person at a time can now be multiplied exponentially!


With appreciation for the important work you do,

Megan August 2012

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