Cultural Competence Meets Creativity


Cultural Competence Meets Creativity

In this month of giving thanks for the diverse blessings our world provides, it seems only natural to give thanks for the blessing of diversity.  As society grows in its awareness of shades of gray and outside-the-box-ness, so too has our awareness as clinicians.  One size does not fit all clients, and for that we should be glad!


With that in mind, I’d like to highlight a resource offered by the Multicultural Committee of the American Art Therapy Association.  Although it hasn’t been updated since 2005, this selected bibliography and resource list covers gems in clinical work with an eye toward diversity and creativity.  Some categories and the findings within are what you might expect, while others are only what you would expect from the world of art therapy!


Here’s a list of what’s covered.  See anything that looks interesting or that you might need to develop more familiarity with in your quest for cultural competence?

  • African-American Clients
  • Asian & Asian-American Clients
  • Biracial Clients
  • Folk Art & Healing
  • Gender Related and Women
  • International Art Therapy
  • Latino & Latina & Latino- & Latina-American Clients
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Clients
  • Multicultural Art Resources
  • Multicultural Art Therapy Resources
  • Multicultural Clinical Resources
  • Native-American & Indigenous-American Clients
  • Refugee & Immigrant Clients


As we give thanks for the melting pot in which we live, it’s important to remember that our collective creativity is what unites us and binds us together despite any differences.  The same is true for our therapeutic relationships with others.  So go forth, be creative, and celebrate the blessing of diversity!


With appreciation for the important work you do,

Megan November 2012

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