Creative Renewal in 7.5 Minutes


Creative Renewal in 7.5 Minutes

Do you have 7.5 minutes for creative renewal?  Then I have the video for you!  Ellen Speert, ATR-BC, founder of the California Center for Creative Renewal, supervised my post-graduate art therapy hours at her home office/studio in north coastal San Diego County.  After I moved to Texas she built an awe-inspiring retreat center in her back yard!  The gardens disappear down into the canyons and provide views of the hills beyond.  Imagine making art in such a setting!  Enjoy this “vacation” that will invigorate you and inspire you to take a trip to sunny southern California to attend one of Ellen’s upcoming events.  You can check those out and learn more about her work at at   If you make it out that way, tell her Megan sent you!





If you’re interested in a side tale about Ellen’s wisdom with regard to recognizing client metaphors, then this story is for you: Accepting Aliens.  I couldn’t have accepted those aliens without Ellen’s support.  Now let her support YOU with a tour of her heavenly world of healing and hope; if you haven’t already, click on the arrow to start the video and begin your journey of creative renewal.


With appreciation for the important work you do,


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