Case Examples


Case Examples

Ask and you shall receive!  Case examples were requested via the recent professional development wish list survey that went out to all newsletter recipients.  In light of that, I’ve decided to resume the writing of monthly Ethics Emporium articles to fill this need.  A refresher for art therapists, something fresh for non-art therapists, best practices for all—and I’ve got five special picks in mind for you!


Let’s jump right in.  To kick off this focus on real-life encounters with real-life clients and real-life art experiences, I’d like to highlight relevant existing Ethics Emporium articles that are worth revisiting.  As an aside, I think all the articles are worth revisiting, so browse through the collection to your heart’s content—all are there as resources for you!  Anyhow, these selected articles feature case examples related to: physical safety and art media; psychological safety and art methods and materials; uses for art in therapy; resistance to artmaking; and the importance of accepting client metaphors.  Here are the links:


Whew!  That ought to be enough reading and reflecting to whet your case example appetite for the time being.  Check back each month for more articles that showcase ethical issues and best practices as they intersect with real clinical life.  And like I said earlier, the other Ethics Emporium articles, while perhaps lacking in case examples, are rich in concepts that are applicable to all cases.


With appreciation for the important work you do,

Megan  January 2014

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