Art Therapy Career Toolkits: Don’t Forget to Accessorize


Art Therapy Career Toolkits: Don’t Forget to Accessorize

It’s June, and new grads are pounding the pavements—along with many professionals who’ve been displaced by the economy or feel a need for change in their lives!  Whether you’re switching gears from student to working wonder or you’re already a working wonder who’s in a position to make adjustments to your career path, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; there are resources out there to help guide you toward new prospects.  If you’re looking for a bag of tricks that will assist you in creating a position or a contractual opportunity, such bags do exist.  Graduates of master’s-level art therapy programs, credentialed art therapists, and both new and seasoned mental health professionals with an interest in the therapeutic application of art may benefit from career toolkits that have been prepared by the American Art Therapy Association.


These six free toolkits (there are eight toolkits in all, but one is only accessible through a paid AATA membership) are available online to provide you with an abundance of substantial info for use in developing an employment situation that’s right for you.  Topics covered include:

  • older adults
  • people on the autism spectrum and their caregivers
  • eating disorders and healthy eating
  • patient care in medical settings
  • youth affected by traumatic events and health challenges
  • K-12 schools


Each of the six toolkits features:

  • details of existing model programs/model events to help generate ideas
  • implementation instruments such as program descriptions and salary ranges
  • information about outcomes and applications
  • a list of pertinent articles and videos as well as a bibliography
  • other helpful resources such as funding options and relevant links


(The members-only toolkit highlights resources for launching and managing a professional practice).


While these toolkits were created with an employer’s needs in mind, would-be employees/contractors can take advantage of their “What’s in it for you?” perspective.  AATA has already done your homework so you can develop and pitch your ideas in a manner that lets others know you’ve thought about the many facets of your proposal and have engaged in anticipatory troubleshooting.  And who wouldn’t want a clear-minded problem solver on her/his team?  These toolkits are great accessories for making you look good in today’s professional marketplace.  So get dressed for success—you’ve got impressions to create—and don’t forget to accessorize!


With appreciation for the important work you do,

Megan June 2012

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