Accessing Art Therapy Literature


Accessing Art Therapy Literature

From time to time someone inquires about accessing an article from—or entire issues of—Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association.  This is how some of my personal library has gone missing!  With contents such as “Art Therapy with Orphaned Children: Dynamics of Early Relational Trauma and Repetition Compulsion” and “The Use of Art in the Medical Decision-Making Process of Oncology Patients”, it’s easy to see why.  But did you know you don’t have to count on someone else’s collection to get your fix of current art therapy literature?


At Taylor and Francis Online you can find current and archived issues (dating back to 1999) of Art Therapy  and purchase articles individually.  Each is $36 + tax for a 72-hour access period.  Or you can pay $77 + tax if you want to purchase permanent access.  For only $100 more than that, you can buy a one-year (four issues) hard copy subscription.  That’s a better bargain if you’re okay with the hard copy part.  Unfortunately, all that gets kind of steep for a mental health professional’s budget.  But if you look for the Journal News column on the right side of the page that pops up when you click here, you’ll be able to access a free article!  That fits well with everyone’s pocketbook.


If you want the biggest bang for your buck, consider becoming a member of the American Art Therapy Association.  For $55, students can get an electronic subscription to Art Therapy  and access online archived issues.  A $164 associate membership brings with it an electronic and hard copy subscription plus online archival access.  Click here to see the other benefits that come with membership, as journal access is only the beginning.  Happy reading and happy reaping!


With appreciation for the important work you do,

Megan July 2012

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