About ABCs


ABCs for Therapists: art based clinical supervision, consulting services, and continuing education for illuminating the art of therapy.


As mental health care professionals, we’re adrift on a sea of acronyms. And they all mean something important, but after a while the complexity of our terminology belies the simplicity beneath our decision to pursue this career path: we like people and want them to be well. That’s elementary, just like the ABCs.


So while ABCs for Therapists borrows the acronym in its name from the actual services it provides, the acronym and the services behind it also hope to remind clinicians about how important it is to get back in touch with the basics when it comes to being a therapist.  This sentiment is echoed in recent neuroscientific research findings that stress the importance of the clinician’s mindfulness and intuitive attunement as agents of change in the therapeutic process.


ABCs for Therapists is here to expand our awareness of these essentials in order to encourage professional development at a level seldom addressed by approach-and-application methods. Hands-on services are offered to facilitate experiential learning and promote inquiry, and they are open to therapists regardless of artistic inclination.  ABCs for Therapists is glad to extend a warm welcome to you and to have the opportunity to play a part in building a community of mental health professionals in the Austin area.


Looking forward to illuminating the art of therapy with you in 2017,

Megan Van Meter of ABCs for Therapists


Licensed Professional Counselor-Art Therapist/Supervisor

Art Therapist Registered-Board Certified